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The REMS Blend

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The REMS Blend

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The Rapid Eye Movement cycle in our sleep patterns represent the phase in which the brain and body are energized the deepest. Dreaming is often associated with this cycle of the sleep pattern along with storing of memories, learning and mood balance.

The use of this herbal tisane has been in practice for centuries. The ancient Egyptians used the Chamomile flower for its healthful and curative properties. This tisane is widely used for its relaxing and mellow qualities and greatly aids digestive health.

Effects and Characteristics 

  • Chill || Sleep Inducing || Peaceful
  • Chamomile ||Cinnamon || Lavender
  • Floral || Sweet || Fresh
  • Caffeine Free

   Brew Instructions

  • Serving: 2 grams | 1 Cup
  • Steep Temp: 212 F || 100 C
  • Steep Time: 6 min